Fijian Crested Iguanas

There are approximately 13,000 Fijian crested iguanas on Earth, and 12,000 of them can be found on the tiny (173-acre) Fijian island of Yadua Taba. The remaining 1,000 can be found scattered among other Fijian islands. The Fijian crested iguana is currently listed as critically endangered, and is one of the animals managed through the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Species Survival Plan program. Habitat loss and predators like feral cats and mongoose are serious threats, and organizations like the International Iguana Foundation, LA Zoo, Taronga Zoo and San Diego Global have committed funds to study the Fijian crested iguanas on the island of Monuriki, and to continue efforts such as headstarting (collecting hatchlings and raising them in captivity until they are large enough to survive predator attacks) to increase their populations. To learn more, visit