Colobus Monkey

Colobus monkeys are found primarily in west and central Africa. They live in primary and secondary forests and wooded grasslands; they are found at higher density logged forests more so than other primary forests.
Lami, a Colobus monkey, is the mother of Dayo, Kumbe and Adanna, all born at the Greenville Zoo
Fun Facts
  • Baby colobus monkeys are born completely white. 
  • Their digestive system is a chambered-ruminant stomach, which allows them to eat leaves other primates cannot.
  • Colobus monkeys can make spectacular leaps of up to 25 feet from tree to tree. 
How to Adopt
You may complete our online adoption form. Or you may also use the Adopt-an-Animal form (PDF) to join the program. Simply fill it out and return it to the Greenville Zoo. Please make checks payable to the Greenville Zoo.

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