Red Panda

Red Pandas live in rainy, high altitude forests of China, Nepal, India, Bhutan and Myanmar. These pandas live in the trees and prefer shady cool places. They eat bamboo leaves, grass and fruits, insects, bird eggs and small rodents.
Firecracker is 1 of 3 Red Pandas at the Zoo.
Fun Facts
  • The Greenville Zoo has four red pandas, welcoming the newest baby boy Willie to the family.
  • The panda's red coloring assists with camouflage in the wild.
  • Red pandas, like Giant Pandas, are excellent climbers and use their thumb to hold bamboo and stems.
  • Scarlet, Firecracker, and Colette enjoy grapes as a treat!
How to Adopt
You may complete our online adoption form. Or you may also use the Adopt-an-Animal form (PDF) to join the program. Simply fill it out and return it to the Greenville Zoo. Please make checks payable to the Greenville Zoo.