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Photo of Siamang Gibbon Chuma at The Greenville Zoo

Oscar, a long-time resident of the Greenville Zoo, and Ella, his companion from Lee Richardson Zoo, are Greenville Zoo’s most vocal residents.

Siamangs are found in the mountains of the Malay Peninsula and Sumatra in rain forests and monsoon forests. They live up to 20 to 30 years in the wild and are vegetarian.

Fun Facts:

  • The Greenville Zoo is home to two brothers, Oscar and Arthur
  • The boys enjoy foraging for treats their keepers hide in their exhibit.
  • The Siamang gibbon is the loudest of all gibbons its call can be heard over two miles away!
  • Siamang Gibbons sing for 15 minutes or more, several times a day together.

How to Adopt

You can use the Adopt an Animal form below to join the program. Simply fill it out and return it to the Greenville Zoo. Download Adopt An Animal Application

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