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Photo of Aldabra Tortoise at The Greenville Zoo

Bubba is considerably larger than his female companions.

Aldabra Tortoises are normally found on the Aldabra Islands in the Indian Ocean. Today, the Aldabra tortoises are the only surviving giant tortoises of the Indian Ocean islands. They live in grasslands areas, and can reach ages of more than 100 years old.

Fun Facts:

  • The Greenville Zoo has three Aldabra tortoises one male, Bubba, and two girls named Ying and Amy.
  • Bubba enjoys getting his neck scratched.
  • Tortoises are able to go without food for several weeks.
  • They all enjoy a "sprinkler" in the summer months to cool off from a hot afternoon.

How to Adopt

You can use the Adopt an Animal form below to join the program. Simply fill it out and return it to the Greenville Zoo. Download Adopt An Animal Application

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