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Zoo Tots

photo of a girl with a baby alligator

The Greenville Zoo’s Education Department offers lively hands-on programs sure to engage your children.

Note: Family programs run from September through May.

Family Programs for 2-3 Year Olds

Zoo Tots is designed for one parent and their toddler (ages two and three) and provides an opportunity to discover the fascinating world of animals. Classes are held in the Conservation Station and combine “on your own explore time” with a more structured “animal time.” Program length: 45 minutes.

Program Times:
2 year olds - 10:30 am to 11:15 am
3 year olds - 11:30 am to 12:15 pm

Program Costs:
Members: $10.10 (1 adult/child pair)
Non-members: $15.10 (1 adult/child pair)

Please note that Zoo Tots is designed for one parent and one toddler only. Siblings can be a distraction to other participants and the program. There is a $5 fee for extra adults and they can pay that on the day they come. However, it must be approved by the instructor at least 24 hours before the program.

Home Sweet Home


From nests way up high in the trees to tunnels way underground, animals have homes just like people do. Homes help keep us safe and snuggly warm. Come meet some animals and compare their homes to yours!

Sept. 6 or 10 (Domestic - pets and farmyard animals)
Oct. 4 or 8 (Tree and rock homes)
Nov. 8 or 12 (Underground and water homes)

Animal Wrappings


No, Autumn, the giraffe, doesn’t wear a dress, and the leopards don’t wear shoes and socks, but animals do have natural “clothes” to cover their skin. Come and learn about animal outfits!

Dec 6 or 10 (Feathers & fur)
Jan 3 or 7 (Scales & slime)
Feb 14 or 18 (Exoskeletons & shells)

Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes


We all know the song, but what do animals do when they don’t have knees and toes or eyes and ears? What about the other body parts like backs and bellies or horns and tails? Come meet some animals and see how their bodies compare to ours!

Mar 7 or 11 (Eyes & ears)
April 11 or 15 (Bellies & back)
May 2 or 6 (Hands & feet)