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Backyard Biology

Family Programs for 9-13 Year Olds

Classes are designed to help children (ages 9-13) learn about the wonderful world of nature. These programs will empower them to take action in their own community by teaching them that the little things matter. Classes are held in the Buck Mickel Education building and combine a lesson with class projects, activities, trips into nature and animals in the classroom. Program length: 90 minutes

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Program Times:
9-10 year olds - 10:30 am to Noon
11-13 year olds - 1:30-3:00 pm

Program Costs:
Members: $15.25 (1 child)
Non-members: $25.25 (1 child)

Bundle Pricing:
Per three-month period, choose Sept-Nov, Dec-Feb and/or Mar-May
Members: $35.50
Non-members: $65.50


Animal Nutrition

September 27


Animals need a balanced diet too! Put on your apron as we explore the needs of animals in the kitchen. Here is your chance to prepare the diets of some of our zoo residents and feed delicious meals to some wild eaters.


October 18


Bats are often seen as spooky, especially during October, but they are actually misunderstood. They play a vital role in the ecosystem by eating all of the mosquitoes. On average, one bat can eat over 500 mosquitoes in an hour!

Sustainable Agriculture

November 22


It's time to bring in the harvest! Farming has come a long way and is still growing. Learn how to farm in your own backyard and have natural, sustainable food.

Water Conservation

December 20


Most people think of droughts during the summer, but animals also struggle to find water in the winter as the ponds and rivers turn to ice. How can you save water so that it can be used wisely?


January 17


Ever wanted to have a Big Year? Big years have been an American tradition for decades. Find out how you can express your love for birds in the community.


February 21


Frogs are getting ready to sing and we are here to listen. See what these ribbitting friends are up to and how you can tell who's who.

Nature Art

March 21


Find inspiration in nature! See what ways art can be expressed through natural materials. Make your own paint and create beautiful sculptures while exploring nature art.


April 18


Spring has sprung! See how you can increase pollinators in your neighborhood. Butterflies and bees help to bring about new plants and flowers, learn how to help them out.

Conservation Camping

May 16


Learn how to leave no trace but still spend some quality time in the outdoors. Now is the time to get ready for those summer camping trips in the wide open country.