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Quarters for Conservation

photo of a Ruffed Lemur
The Ruffed Lemur is native to Madagascar

You Can Change the World!

Quarters for Conservation is an exciting initiative to greatly enhance the Greenville Zoo's wildlife conservation efforts. Through the collection of quarters, the zoo and local community will provide much needed funding for new and existing wildlife conservation projects in our region and around the globe.

Introducing our new projects for 2014-2015!

conservation fund logo

Greenville Zoo Conservation Fund

A portion of the Quarters for Conservation funds will support the Greenville Zoo’s Conservation Fund. This program provides small grants to not-for-profit organizations, individuals, and educational entities with shared interests in conservation and research. Funding priority will be given to local projects involving field research in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. Applicants will need to apply for funding via the Greenville Zoo Conservation Fund and be voted upon by the Greenville Zoo's Conservation and Research Committee. Examples of potential local projects include initiatives such as bank stabilization along the Reedy River, conservation of an endangered plant or animal, and planting rain gardens along the Swamp Rabbit Trail. The money delegated each year for the Greenville Zoo Conservation Fund is entirely made possible through the Quarters for Conservation Program. Grant applications are due by January 31, 2015. Applicants for accepted proposals will be notified by May 2015 and funds will be distributed in September 2015.
Download the Grant Application

How It Works

Money collected through the Quarters for Conservation program is allocated to a restricted account with the sole purpose of enabling the Greenville Zoo to participate in a variety of conservation programs locally, regionally, and globally with an emphasis on field conservation. This restricted account is funded by admissions and membership sales.

  • $0.25 from each admission fee
  • $3.00 from each annual membership

At each visit, you will receive a "quarter" token that enables you to vote for a conservation project that inspires you. There are many local, regional and global projects that are worthy, but your vote ensures that you will play a role in determining how much funding each project receives. Learn all you can about the projects we’re supporting this year, because your vote can change the world.

Project information and the voting station are located in the entry plaza of the zoo just beyond the admissions booth. Fifty percent of the funds will go directly to each of the four projects based on your votes. A portion of the funds will be used to support the Greenville Zoo Conservation Fund for further conservation efforts and a small percentage is set aside for on-site conservation, research and administration.