Saturday Safari 4-6 Year Olds

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Classes are designed to help students (ages 4-6) discover the fascinating world of animals. Classes combine a themed lesson with crafts, experiments, trips into the zoo, and animal encounters in the classroom. Program length is 1.5 hours.


Program Times

  • 4-6 year olds - 10 am - 11:30 am and 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Individual Program Prices

  • Members: $15 (1 child)
  • Nonmembers: $25 (1 child)


Call the Education Department at (864) 467-4850 to register for Saturday Safari. 

What steps are being taken to ensure your child’s safety?

In additional to amplified cleaning practices, and daily employee health screening, our practices have been modified to keep your children safe. 

Classes conducted in person will take place in our outdoor classroom areas. Outdoor classrooms are shaded and separated from the public. To ensure social distancing, class sizes will be kept to 10 students. Students will have individual work spaces for themselves and their siblings if applicable. Class supplies will be allocated for individual students, to allow for singular use. 

Parents will drop off and pick up students at the front gate for class.  If a parent would like to walk their student up to the classroom, or enjoy the zoo during class time, a pre-purchased ticket, reservation for members, is required. In compliance with the Governor’s Executive Order, masks are required to be worn at the zoo, under age 2 is the exception.

In case of light rain, the outdoor classrooms are covered. Please dress students in weather appropriate attire and close-toed shoes. In the case of inclement weather, classes will be moved to a safe shelter that still allows for social distancing. Classes will only be cancelled if the zoo is required to close to the public.

Fall 2021- Spring 2022 Programs

September 11th- Teddy Bear Picnic

Bears are incredible! In this class, we will explore bears of the world and learn what bears need to survive all year. Bring a bear, bring a snack, and prepare to be amazed by the world of bears.

October 16th: Snouts Out (only morning session)

How cute are pigs? In this class, we will learn all about pigs- how they stay clean, how they use their snouts, and do they really eat pancakes?

November 13th: Do Goats Need Caribiners?

There are many animals and plants that live high in the mountains. Who are they? How do they do it? In this class we’ll learn what it takes to survive in some of the highest places on Earth.

No December Programming- Come to Holidays at the Zoo!

January 15th: Animal Champions

Who is the fastest animal? Who is the slowest animal? Who eats the most? Who poops the most? In this class, we will explore all of these questions to learn what makes every animal a champion in its own way.

February 19th: Animal Hide and Seek

How do animals hide so well? Who are they hiding from? In this class, let’s explore some of the best animal disguises. Can you find every hidden animal?

March 19th: Birds of a Feather

Birds are beautiful and so unique! Together, we will explore the different bird feathers, practice using bird beaks, and discover how birds fly (and why we can’t).   

April 16th: Botany Buddies

Plants are everywhere! Let’s explore the many diverse plants around the world and learn why those plants are so important in our lives.

May 14th:  Night Owls

Lots of animals go to sleep when we do. But who doesn’t? Some animals stay up all night and sleep all day. Let’s explore the world of nocturnal animals. What do they do all night?