Wolves: California Wolf Center

All over North America, the populations and ranges of various subspecies of gray wolves have markedly decreased over the years. Because this predator is important for maintaining the biodiversity of habitats and the overall health of the ecosystem, recovery efforts are underway.

The CALIFORNIA WOLF CENTER is dedicated to the recovery of wolves in areas of the state where they once roamed. Their efforts have included education and outreach in Northern California and participation on an advisory committee to the California Department of Fish & Wildlife for development of the Conservation Plan for Gray Wolves in California. Additionally, they established the California Wolf Fund in 2014 for the sole purpose of providing education on the use and implementation of nonlethal, proactive solutions to wolf-livestock conflicts. The California Wolf Center also works closely with the Mexican Wolf Species Survival Plan to restore Mexican gray wolves to their original ranges in the southwestern United States.

To learn more, see californiawolfcenter.org.