Membership has its benefits and the zoo has a variety of options tailored to meet your family size and visitation habits. Membership begins on the date of purchase and all memberships include the following:

  • Free year-round zoo admission.
  • Early sign-up and discounts on all education programs, including Zoo Camp.
  • Free or discounted admission to more than 130 other zoos around the country (view the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) list).
  • Discounted admission to special events, including Boo in the Zoo and Holidays at the Zoo
  • 10% discount in the gift shop and on concessions.
  • E-newsletters, updates and notices of special events.

Your membership helps the zoo’s efforts to preserve threatened and endangered wildlife, with five dollars from each membership going directly to conservation!

To learn more about our memberships, click the orange membership button below!

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Greenville Zoo Membership FAQ: 

1. Are memberships refundable? No, memberships are non-refundable.

2. Can I transfer my membership to another name? Memberships are non-transferable.

3. I lost or misplaced my membership card. Can I still visit the Greenville Zoo? Yes, you will need to show your photo ID.

4. How do I replace my lost or stolen membership card? Contact the membership office at (864) 467-4542. There is a $5 replacement fee.

5. Will the membership run from the calendar year or from the date of purchase? Your membership begins on the date of purchase and expires a year from the month of purchase.

6. Can anyone purchase an annual membership? Yes, anyone can purchase an annual membership, no matter where they live. If you are purchasing a membership as a gift, you must provide the recipient’s name and address or the membership will be mailed to you.

7. I have a current membership and a gift membership has been purchased for my family. Will these memberships overlap? No, your membership will be extended for another 12 months.

8. Why do I have to show ID if I'm a member? Photo ID is required to ensure you are a member of the Greenville Zoo. This prevents the misuse of memberships.

9. Who should I name as the 2nd named adult on my membership? Named adults are non-transferable so it is best for the 2nd named adult to be the person in your household most likely to attend the Zoo without you. Both named adults must reside in the same household.

10. I have a nanny. What’s the best membership for me? The Friends Plus membership is the best membership for you.The nanny must be a named adult in order for him/her to receive admission when bringing the children to the Zoo without you. You can also purchase a separate Individual membership for your nanny and link it to your membership.

11. Can my nanny or guest bring my children to the Zoo without me? Your children must be accompanied by a named adult on your membership. Your nanny may bring your children to the Zoo if they are listed as a named adult on your member or if they have an individual membership that is linked to your membership.

12. Do I need to include children under the age of 3 on my membership? Children age 2 and under receive free admission to the Zoo; therefore, you do not need to include your child on your membership if he/she is age 2 or under. If your child turns 3 years old before your membership expires, you may add a child to your membership at any time.

13. Can I upgrade my membership? Yes, memberships can be upgraded at any time; however, keep in mind that the added benefits will expire along with your membership.

14. I have a guest option membership. Can the guest use my card without me? No, the primary named member must be present for guests to enter.

15. Are my nieces and nephews covered under my household membership? No, membership covers the primary named member and dependent household children only.

16. When will my discounts start? Discounts begin on the date of membership purchase.

17. How can I apply my admission receipt to purchase a membership? Present the receipt at the admissions booth before 4:15 p.m. on the day of your visit. The admission price will be deducted from the membership purchase.

18. How can I change the add on name? There is a $5 fee to change a name and print new member cards.

19. When will I receive my membership cards? Membership cards will be mailed within 10 business days. If you have not received your cards within two weeks, contact the Membership Coordinator at (864) 467-4542 or If you purchase in person, you will receive a temporary pass. If you purchase online, your email confirmation will serve as your temporary pass. If you purchase by mail, please call the membership office before visiting the zoo to make sure your payment was received.

20. How many membership cards will I receive? You will receive two identical named cards.

21. My children’s names were not requested for my membership. How does the membership work for them? Your household children count will show on the member card and receive free admission when you enter.

22. Do you reciprocate with other zoos and aquariums? Yes, the Greenville Zoo is a member of the Association of Zoos & Aquariums. Please contact the zoo you are planning to visit for prices before you visit as their policies may change without notice. While reciprocal zoos will honor the named members and dependent children, they are not required to honor the extra benefits of your zoo membership. Reciprocal zoos do not share databases, so please remember to take your membership card and photo IDs.

23. How will I receive my discount at a reciprocal zoo without my membership card? The reciprocal zoo will accept your temporary pass or email confirmation with a valid photo ID.