High School

We can bring the zoo to you! The zoomobile runs year round and offers lively, hands on programs sure to engage students as they learn. These programs are designed for educational purposes for school programs, scout groups and senior citizen groups.

High school students along with college and universities can explore the vast areas of conservation sciences, genetics studies, and career fields within modern accredited zoos and aquariums. Whether you are looking for a guest lecturer or mentors for a long term project, the education staff has experience with college prep and higher education instruction that is sure to provide an expert look at real world issues.

Regular Zoomobile Programs

  • 45 minutes in length with a maximum of 30 children per classroom
  • 1 program - $80 / 2 programs - $120 / 3 programs - $155
    (each additional program $30)
  • Before hours/After hours fees may apply
  • Breaks/lunch 20 minutes and longer require an additional program fee 
  • A distance fee may apply

Assembly Zoomobile Programs

  • 50 minutes in length
  • Up to 150 children - $180 / 151 to 200 children - $230 / 201 to 250 children - $280
  • A distance fee may apply 

Customized Programs

We work with teachers and their staff to develop specialized programs to fit the needs of the class and curriculum. Please contact the Education Department to set up a meeting.


Start the process by sending a Zoomobile Date Request Form to the Zoo Education Department. Call 864-467-4850 for questions.

Grades 9-12
The Circle of Life: Investigating the Role of Genetics in the Modern Zoo
Students will explore the topic of genetics in reference to captive animals in a zoo setting. Specifically, students will investigate the roles of the Species Survival Plan, or SSPs, in modern zoos today. Students will also explore why the knowledge of genetics is important for the conservation and preservation of wild populations.
Slippery When Wet
Dive into the world of wetlands to explore how these fragile systems are so critical to biodiversity and environmental health. Hop and slither along the way with some animal guests as students discover how they can help be better stewards to the environment. 
This program has been developed to allow schools within the City of Greenville to meet the requirements of the City of Greenville Stormwater Utility Fee Credit policy. You are eligible for this credit (which will come back to the school in local funds from the district level) if you send a full grade level to this program annually. For more information, please contact City engineering staff at 864-467-4400 or view the city credit policy
Careers with Animals
This program presents young teens with educational opportunities, salary ranges and ideas on how to start planning for an exciting job they may not have considered.