Welcome to Ektopia! Ektopia is our newly renovated building that houses our ectotherms. 

What is an Ectotherm?

Definition: (ek’t •thûrm’), noun: An animal that is dependent on external sources of body heat.

Some of the Animals in Ektopia Include:

  • Ball Python
  • Black Widow
  • Eastern Box Turtle
  • Eastern Kingsnake
  • Gulfodulcean Frog
  • Madagascar Tree Boa
  • Panther Chameleon
  • Prehensile Skinks
  • Rhinoceros Iguana
  • Rose Hair Tarantulas

FAQs about Reptiles and Amphibians

Where can I find information to help me identify a reptile or amphibian?

Two excellent sites with photos and information about South Carolina reptiles and amphibians are South Carolina Wildlife and the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory.

Answer Key to our Invertebrate questions in Ektopia: Arthropods (spiders, crabs, mantis), Porifera (sponges), Cnidarians (brain coral), Annelids (earthworms), Echinoderms (starfish), Mollusks (snails)