Rhinos: International Rhino Foundation

For 25 years, the International Rhino Foundation (IRF) has championed the survival of the world’s rhinos through conservation and research. IRF works to protect threatened rhino populations in Africa, Indonesia, and India with anti-poaching and protection programs.

One of the populations in Indonesia, the Sumatran rhino, is the most endangered rhinoceros species. With fewer than 100 remaining in the wild, the protection programs are especially important to guard against poaching and to preserve the rhino population in the dense tropical forests where they live.
The IRF also supports the management of and research on captive populations.  Working closely with local communities ensures that the people living in the closest proximity to rhinos, many of whom are also struggling as a result of poverty and environmental degradation, serve as active partners in wildlife protection and benefit from conservation efforts.

To learn more, see rhinos.org.