Zookeeping Kids


To Register your 3rd-5th grade child for Zookeeping Kids, please call the Greenville Zoo Education Office at (864) 467-4850.

Classes are designed to inspire the next generation of zookeepers! Students (3rd-5th graders) will experience what it is like to work at the zoo through games, activities, experiments, chats with zoo keepers, and up close animal encounters. Program length is 2 hours.

Program Times
  • 3rd-5th Grade- 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Individual Program Prices
  • Members: $20.00 (1 participant)
  • Non-Members: $30.00 (1 participant)
Bundle Program Prices
Bundles are (Sept-May), (Sept-Nov), (Dec-Feb), (Jan-May)

  • 3 Month Bundle- Members: $51 (1 participant)
  • 3 Month Bundle- Non-Members: $81 (1 participant)
  • 8 Month Bundle- Members: $150 (1 participant)
  • 8 Month Bundle- Non-Members: $240 (1 participant)
3 Month Bundle- Members: $51 (1 participant)
Young Girl sitting in a window, watching an amur leopard investigate a cardboard box.

Programs for Fall 2021 - Spring 2022

September 18: Good Morning Animals

Let’s explore the morning of a zookeeper! How do they start their day, what does their morning look like, and when do they get to feed the animals?

October 23: Here, Have a Treat!

When the zookeepers are done cleaning and feeding the animals, what do they do? They train! How do we train the animals? Do they know any cool tricks? Can we train our friends? Let’s find out!

November 13: Chopped: Zoo Edition (2:00 pm - 4:00 pm)

You have a basket of ingredients, 30 minutes, and a knife and cutting board. Make a meal that an animal will enjoy. We will also explore the zoo kitchen and learn how much food the animals eat.

No December Program- Please Visit Holidays at the Zoo!

January 22: A Doctor to the Animals

How do you listen to a lion’s lungs? How do you give an alligator a shot? Let’s find out!

February 26: Animal Architects

Who designs the animal enclosures? Who picks the plants? Why is the door in the left corner and not the right? Every animal enclosure involves a lot of thought and care. Let’s learn how to build one! Can you design a winning enclosure?. 

March 26: Keeping Everyone Safe

Who is the most dangerous animal at the zoo? What happens if that animal escapes? In this class we will explore how we keep everyone at the zoo safe, including the animals.

April 23: Conservation Nation

Zoos around the world are involved in many conservation initiatives. How does the Greenville Zoo help? How can you help?

May 21: Good Night Animals

At the end of the day, the zookeepers are ready to go home and go to bed. What do they do for the animals before they leave? Do all the animals go to sleep? What do the nocturnal animals do all night? Let’s find out!