Scottish Wildcat

Who: Scottish Wildcat Action
What: Scottish Wildcat (Felis silvestris) (Endangered)
Where: Scotland, Europe
Why: Referred to as the Tiger of the Highlands, it is striking and powerful, the very essence of a wild predator living by stealth and strength. Scottish wildcats are now one of our most endangered mammals and are on the edge of extinction. 

Urgent action is needed to save the Scottish wildcat. Building on a strong partnership keen to make a difference, Scottish Wildcat Action is the first national conservation plan in Scotland with a vision to restore viable populations of Scottish wildcats north of the Highland fault line. They are committed to:

  • Working with local people in wildcat priority areas to reduce the risks of hybridization, disease and accidental persecution
  • Breeding healthy wildcats for later release to bolster the population through a conservation breeding program
  • Gathering extensive data to improve understanding of this elusive predator

Scottish Wildcat Action is a partnership project that unites leading experts from over 20 key organizations. It is supported by the Scottish Government and Heritage Lottery Fund.

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