Greenville Zoo residents can now join your next virtual meeting through any virtual platform. For $75 - $100, you can support Greenville Zoo education programs in a fun and exciting way. Funds will go towards zoo operations, and your meeting will have your choice of an animal guest. Greenville Zoo educators can provide a brief introduction for your new temporary co-worker to get your meeting started.

Zoo Exhibit Animals:

Red Panda
Sumatran Orangutans (available starting mid-October)
Spider monkeys (available starting mid-October)
Angola Colobus (available starting mid-October)
Rhino iguana
White-Nosed Coati
Aldabra Tortoise
Black-and-white ruffed lemurs (available starting mid-October)
Amur leopards

Education Ambassador Animals:

Boa constrictor
Green cheek parrot
Corn snake
Eclectus Parrot
Leopard gecko
Black rat snake
Box turtle
Sun Conure

To schedule, call the education department at (864) 467-4850 or email zooed@greenvillesc.gov. You can also schedule via our online store: http://greenvillezoo.com/zoomeetings. Once your purchase is complete, you must contact the education department to book your meeting at 864-467-4850 or zooed@greenvillesc.gov.

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