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  1. Picture of a fox dental visit

    July 15, 2022: Dentist Appointment

    The Greenville Zoo’s bat-eared fox went to the dentist this week. We welcomed the first session of Junior Zoo Keepers of the summer. A new temporary exhibit is occupying the Ektopia building during renovations. Read on...
  1. Picture of aldabra tortoise

    July 8, 2022: Happy Birthday, Bubba!

    The Greenville Zoo celebrated our Aldabra tortoise’s 61st birthday. We welcomed 17 veterinarian health professionals from North Greenville Animal Hospital on an exclusive behind the scenes tour. Our two red panda residents have finally met one another! Read Bill's Blog
  1. World Giraffe Day Photo

    July 1, 2022: Happy World Giraffe Day!

    The Greenville Zoo celebrated World Giraffe Day with an education activity booth, keeper chats, and the opportunity to join the Greenville Zoo Foundation’s Long Neck Club! Read Bill's Blog
Cartoon Bill Cooper

Administrator Bill Cooper is giving us a behind-the-scenes look at what is happening at the Greenville Zoo.

Bill is a member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and a past president of the Aquarium and Zoo Facilities Association.

He came to Greenville from the Indianapolis Zoo and previously worked at the Phoenix Zoo and Zoo Atlanta.